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Expand your options with the new Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies for Imaging Mass Cytometry

This growing antibody option adds flexibility and makes panel design easier. The doubling of our antibody portfolio with Maxpar® OnDemand™ Antibodies for Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) was announced in October 2021 at our event titled IMC Summit: Uncovering Spatial Biology. Hear about this exciting new antibody collection from product manager Clinton Hupple. Recent additional human and mouse antibody options are now available.

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Reagents for the Hyperion Imaging System

Maxpar Human and Mouse Conjugated Antibodies for Frozen and FFPE Tissue

The Maxpar catalog includes Maxpar pathologist-verified human antibodies and verified mouse antibodies and Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies. IMC pathologist-verified antibodies are available for FFPE and frozen human tissues to offer researchers the ability to characterize a wide range of tissues. The Maxpar antibodies for frozen tissue support rapid and easier panel development with fewer steps, since antigens are in their native state and epitope retrieval is not required.

Segment With Confidence Using the IMC Cell Segmentation Kit

Get accurate and reliable cell segmentation. A key analytical challenge to interpreting the significant amount of data that comes from high-multiplex single-cell imaging approaches such as Imaging Mass Cytometry is effective assignment of cellular borders. The IMC Cell Segmentation Kit facilitates an end-to-end workflow for single-cell data analytics and is an important first step to getting improved high-multiplex cell segmentation regardless of which pipeline is used. 

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Maxpar Metal-Conjugated Antibodies

Simplify Imaging Mass Cytometry panel design with pathologist-verified Maxpar antibodies. The Maxpar catalog features more than 200 metal-labeled antibodies and continues to grow rapidly. This initial selection of antibodies focuses on immune and oncology targets to be used with FFPE. Combining the antibodies of interest into a panel is easy using a protocol that provides a common antigen retrieval step. This reduces the time to panel development and significantly expands possibilities for immune system and immuno-oncology research on the Hyperion™ Imaging System. Design your own custom panel to analyze immunity, cancer progression or cancer immunotherapy research targets.

Primary IMC Antibodies

IMC TDS Sample image vertical Foxp3-pch101

Maxpar Human Immuno-Oncology (IO) IMC Panel Kits

To provide researchers with a rich, insightful understanding of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte activation and infiltration, T cell activation and tissue architecture across several human cancer types, three new multiplex IO panels are now available:

A fourth panel, the Maxpar Human Immuno-Oncology IMC Panel Kit (18-plex), combines the three IO panels. Each kit contains pre-sourced, pre-tagged, pathologist-verified antibodies and a nucleic acid stain.

Customize any panel by mixing and matching panel kits or by adding your choice of individual Maxpar antibodies in other available channels for Imaging Mass Cytometry. The panel kits are designed to jump-start IO panel development easily. Researchers save significant panel development time and cost using these pre-selected panel kits.

Maxpar Human Conjugated Antibodies for Frozen and FFPE Tissue

The Maxpar catalog of pathologist-verified antibodies for IMC for FFPE tissues has now been expanded with conjugated antibodies for frozen human tissue to offer researchers the ability to characterize a wider range of tissues than before. Maxpar antibodies for frozen tissue support rapid and easier panel development with fewer steps, since antigens are in their native state and epitope retrieval is not required.

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Maxpar Labeling Kits

With Maxpar metal-labeling kits you can tag IgG clones with your choice of up to 35 metals. Order them individually or as sets, with each kit containing enough material to conjugate 4 antibodies in 100 μg amounts.

Maxpar Labeling Kits

Multimetal Labeling Kits

The multimetal Maxpar kit contains a total of 40 reactions for conjugating metals to monoclonal antibodies, with up to 10 different metals of your choice (each at 4 reactions).

Multimetal Labeling Kits

Buffers and Solutions

Maxpar buffers provide optimal and consistent staining conditions for external, cytosolic and nuclear targets.

Buffers and Solutions

Custom Antibody Conjugation

When your study calls for new antibodies or specific antibody configurations, consult our team of experts for Custom Conjugation Services to tailor your antibody panels for collecting high-impact data. Our Custom Conjugation Services speed you from design to discovery with made-to-order metal labeling for antibodies not currently listed in the Maxpar catalog, or alternative metal tagging for all listed items. Choose from 37 nonoverlapping pure metal tags. 

Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.