b'Empower your lab to make a difference in genomics.More power to you.Accurate and reproducible data is essential for discovery andSIMPLIFY WORKLOADS applied research applications that utilize real-time PCR. The moreTO FACILITATE DELIVERY quality data you create, the faster you can generate experimentalOF IMPACTFUL GENOMIC outcomes and the more reliable those outcomes will be.INFORMATION The ability to produce answers quickly, efficiently and reliably canSTREAMLINE OPERATIONS position a laboratory as a center of excellence by raising the qualityTO REDUCE TIME SPENT BY of both basic and clinical research. By enabling comprehensive andUSERS AND THE OVERALL versatile genomic analysis, Biomark X with microfluidics technologyCOST OF LAB FUNCTIONSempowers the generation of timely and actionable answers thatACCELERATE RESULTS can transform all PCR-based genomics studies. TO INSIGHTS WITH MORE DATA PER RUN TO EMPOWER INFORMED DECISION MAKINGBiomark X, an intuitive and transformative technology platform, maximizes productivity with minimal effort.4'