b'Power your potential.Meet Biomark X, a genomics powerhouse designed to simplify your research, enabling a more productive and synchronous lab environment. The integration of multiple capabilities into a single platform streamlines workflows and offers unprecedented ease of use across a diverse array of applications. With the enhanced ability to move readily from challenging questions to meaningful answers, Biomark X empowers better-informed decisions with efficiency and agility.POWERFULAssay versatility and the capacity to run numerous applications on a single system eliminate the need for multiple platforms,INTUITIVEand the nanoliter-volume requirements inherent in microfluidicsThe meticulously designed conserves precious samples.user interface facilitates easy setup and assay runs with little or no training.GENE GENOTYPINGEXPRESSIONSAMPLE COPY NUMBERIDENTIFICATION VARIATIONINTEGRATEDAn automated workflow with Generate up to 9,216 datapointssample-to-answer solutions is consolidated on a single from individual reactions in aplatform for minimal operator single 3.5-hour instrument run tohands-on time.achieve a depth of information gain similar to that of multiplexing.6'