CYTO 2022 | Pennsylvania Convention Center  | Philadelphia, PA

Discover what’s new in CAR T cell therapies

Standard BioTools™ is a proud Program Partner at CAR-TCR 2022, as the summit returns to an in-person format with a focus on translational immunology.

We invite you to visit Booth B23 to learn how our ready-to-go, high-parameter immune profiling assays can provide the in-depth analysis you need for CAR T products. Discover how CyTOF® technology is making CAR T production more accessible and affordable than ever.

We are especially excited that City of Hope’s Lior Goldberg, MD, will present a talk titled Adaptation of CAR T Cells to the Central Nervous System at our industry workshop.

CAR-TCR 2022 Workshop: Identifying & Validating Biomarkers of Performance & Response

Adaptation of CAR T Cells to the Central Nervous System

Tuesday, September 20  |  2:15–2:45 pm ET


Key points of the workshop will include:

  • How mass cytometry reveals spatiotemporal plasticity of CAR T-cells in patients
  • How adaptation of CAR T cells to the central nervous niche includes distinct trafficking and metabolic signature
  • How CAR T cells in the central nervous system have memory-like features

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Lior Goldberg

Lior Goldberg, MD
Pediatric Oncologist, Physician-Scientist,
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center


CAR-TCR 2022 Poster Presentation

A 47-Marker Immune Profiling Flow Cytometry Assay to Enable Comprehensive Antigen-Specific Immune Analysis #11

Thursday, September 22

Andrew Draghi
Field Applications Specialist, Standard BioTools


Maxpar reagents

Maxpar® antibodies and cell labeling reagents are the most stable and robust available for use in flow cytometry, with capabilities that far outperform fluorescent-labeled antibodies. The combination of these reagents and the precision of signal measurement provided by CyTOF technology is changing the game for clinical and translational researchers.

Hear how the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay and new Expansion Panels provide a best-in-class sample-to-answer solution for high-dimensional immune profiling of CAR T cells in PBMC and whole blood samples.

Learn about the recent addition of Maxpar OnDemand™ Antibodies to our catalog, paving the way for fast, continued expansion of panel design options for flow cytometry mouse studies and Imaging Mass Cytometry™.


Let us show you how to standardize and simplify the high-plex flow cytometry services at your institution with CyTOF XT™. Explore the automated CyTOF XT, which provides hands-free instrument calibration, sample resuspension and acquisition. As the easiest-to-use CyTOF system, CyTOF XT combines the power of high-plex cytometry and simplified workflows.

Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.