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Reimagine cytometry

Fully automated and affordable cytometry by time-of-flight. Simplify and standardize your deep single-cell profiling studies.

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XTra Autonomy

CyTOF® XT automation expands what your lab can accomplish by simplifying daily workflows and freeing operator time for other tasks

XTra Efficiency

Simplified front-end assembly, bottle tray for solutions and automated tuning minimize maintenance and calibration.

XTra Clarity

The precision of measuring marker expression using mass cytometry is unmatched by fluorescence cytometry methods. Cleaner signals mean data is more accurate.

Mass Cytometry for Precision Medicine | Petter Brodin, MD, PhD

Petter Brodin, MD, PhD, discusses how he is implementing the new high-throughput, high-dimensional CyTOF XT™ cytometer to advance his latest scientific projects.

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We acquired the CyTOF XT to expand our capabilities, providing rich data to help us better understand the incredibly complex human immune system, with advancements in throughput, automation and time to results.

– Petter Brodin, MD, PhD | Professor of Pediatric Immunology, Imperial College London, Karolinska Institutet

CyTOF XT™: The NeXT Evolution

Preview the new CyTOF XT. 



Design Panel

Easily build panels with 20 to 50 or more metal-tagged antibodies and reagents using Maxpar® Panel Designer. Add barcoding to multiplex your samples for even better data quality. Or use pre-built panels to get started!



Up to 13 individual samples can be loaded in the chilled sample carousel for a single batch run.



The sample pellet is automatically resuspended and calibration beads added immediately prior to acquisition of each sample.



Up to 13 different panels and sample types can be acquired unattended with preconfigured acquisition templates on the CyTOF XT.



FCS 3.1 files can be analyzed with any capable software including FCS Express™ and Cytobank. Maxpar Pathsetter™ provides automated immune profiling data analysis.

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CyTOF XT: The Next Generation of Mass Cytometry



CYTO® 2021—CyTOF XT and Helios™ mass cytometer performance comparison for the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™



Single-Cell Immune Profiling Can Help Resolve Tumor Microenvironment Complexities | GEN

Katie Vowell

Katie Vowell, PhD
Principal Investigator – Immunology, GlaxoSmithKline

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Mass Cytometry for Precision Medicine | Petter Brodin, MD, PhD

Petter Brodin

Petter Brodin, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Immunology, Imperial College London, Karolinska Institute

Director, SciLifeLab Mass Cytometry Facility

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Bring efficiency and reproducibility to biomarker discovery and immunophenotyping studies: CyTOF XT™

Philip Hobson

Philip Hobson, PhD
Deputy Manager, Flow Cytometry Science and Technology Platform, The Francis Crick Institute

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Get the precise results your research deserves!

CyTOF Software v8.0

CyTOF® Software v8.0 offers support for cell suspension-based sample analysis to the CyTOF XT system. The software has the built-in capability for automated calibration, batch sample acquisition, a...

CyTOF Software (Non-acquisition workstations only)

CyTOF® Software v7.0 offers support for imaging analysis to Hyperion™ Imaging System users.

CyTOF Software v7.0

CyTOF® Software v7.0 offers support for the imaging and cell suspension-based sample analysis to Hyperion™ Imaging System and Helios™ system users. The software has the built-in capability to switc...


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CyTOF XT System



Mass range

75–209 amu

Abundance sensitivity

Instrument response

500 159Tb dual counts/EQ™ Six Element Calibration Beads

Dynamic range

4.5 orders of magnitud



Operating system

Windows® 10 Enterprise LTSC

Sample introduction

Dual syringe drive

Flow rate

30 µL/min


Sample format

12 x 5 mL tube positions 1 x 15 mL tube positions

Reagent reservoir

Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution Plus for CyTOF® XT 1L Maxpar Water 500 mL Maxpar Washing Solution for CyTOF XT™ 500 mL



Intel® Core™ i7


 GB DDR

Data storage

3.6 TB (2x 2 TB RAID0)

Power supply

300 W


86 cm (34 in) LED

Keyboard and mouse


Data file specifications


4 bytes/channel/event


Compressed format. 5–20 GB/hr (typical)


3.82 MB/hr


0.91 MB/hr (typical)


0.48 MB/hr


4 bytes/channel/event

CyTOF XT instrument dimensions


93 cm (37 in)


135 cm (53 in)


75 cm (30 in)


288 kg (635 lb)


Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.