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Have autofluorescence? Now you don’t.

Learn how Imaging Mass Cytometry permits cleaner detection of surface and intracellular targets for quantifiable phenotyping and cell function assessment

What does high-parameter cytometry really mean?

High-parameter cytometry sounds simple enough – indicating more markers are used per assay – but in reality, different high-parameter assays depend on the innate capabilities of a technology.

Automation for Savings

Invest in automation to save money in the long run to help managers ensure their labs run smoothly.

We’re Going to Be at CYTO 2022!

Visit us at Booth 113 to learn about recent exciting advances in instrumentation and reagents and check out two key commercial tutorials led by experts.

Familiar with IHC? Then you already know IMC.

If IHC is your comfort level, IMC lets you maintain that confidence in your research while moving it forward for insights you didn’t see coming.

To automate or not to automate?

Are you asking the right question? Considerations for when to automate, from common drivers to what you really should be thinking about.

Expand Your Biobanking Knowledge

Luke Stewart, Director, Field Applications, and two special guests will be leading a workshop on biobank workstream processes at ISBER's 2022 Annual Meeting.

Heading to AACR in April? Visit us at Booth 718.

Fluidigm technologies are well-suited for oncology research – focusing on gaining a better understanding of how the immune system responds toward cancer and potential immunotherapy treatments and to a...

Come Visit Us at SoCal Flow

Senior Field Applications Specialist Connie Inlay will be holding a workshop at the Southern California Flow Cytometry Association’s 2022 conference.

From Germany to California!

This spring, we had the opportunity to showcase our immune profiling tools at several conferences—here are some regional events we participated in.

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